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Before applying and affecting your credit score we review everything upfront. If you are not eligible for any reason we will let you know?


Fast Approval

Our green tick review of your credit file and application mean we can lodge your loan for pre-approval


More Choice

Our extensive lending panel of over 35 lenders will give you more choice and more expertise to help you make the right decision.

We've helped borrowers with different needs, so we have solutions to cater clients from all walks of life. Get in touch with us today to see if we can help..

Steve and Jennifer saved over $20,000 with our solution and avoided paying any mortgage insurance with out solution with just 10% saved towards their purchase. 

Anna and Barry were able to buy their first home in Liverpool with just 5% down and were approved for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme back in May 2021 and saved themselves over $30,000 in mortgage insurance.

A simple solution for our clients with only 5% deposit saved and need to add the mortgage insurance to the loan, we have  a few lenders who will go up to 98% at a reasonable interest rate.

We have a range of lenders who assess applications on merit not events that are history.

Just started a new job? no problems, we have a range of solutions for you!

Who We Are

We are professionals educators strategists who love to help.

Fetch Loans is a finance and brokerage company based on transparency, trust, and complete 360 support. We will help you find a combination of competitive pricing with low-interest rates to make your loan suit your budget. From Home Loan options, to to refinancing and saving you money, we’re here to help you better understand the loan process.

What We Offer

Our Solutions

Home Loans

Get the best home loan rates in Australia without any risks and simplify your home buying needs.

Did You Know?

Every lender has a different way that mortgage applications are assessed and not all pre approvals mean the same thing.
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Confidently buy an investment property to fund your retirement lifestyle. Explore our investment loan options.

Did You Know?

When it comes to including rental income into your borrowing power, some lenders are more favourable towards investors and will accept a higher portion of the rental income.
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If you are looking for refinance lenders that you can trust, look no further than Fetch Loans. Our team of expert loan specialists is here not just to offer you home loan refinancing or mortgage refinance options

Did You Know?

The lending industry is ever changing, just like your financial position. why not have one of our professionals have a look at your current home loan structure and see how we can save you thousands.
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Our Promise

As a word-of-mouth business, whether you are a first-home buyer, a current home owner, a small to medium business owner or a property investor, here’s what we'd like our relationship to be built on so you get the right lending solution combined with friendly and professional service.

What You Can Expect From Fetch Loans

WE will listen to what you want and provide you a tailored lending solution and project manage everything on your behalf through to settlement.

WE will work hard to make the process straight forward and stress free for you.

WE will always have your best interests at heart with everything we do.

WE will be transparent and open with my communication so you are consistently updated through the process.

WE undertake to make myself available, and return any unanswered phone calls as soon as practical, and reply to all emails within 24 hours of receipt.

When appropriate to your circumstances, I will offer you the opportunity to be introduced to a trusted colleague for complementary services.

What WE Can Expect From our clients

Please let us know immediately if you have any concerns. We’re here to make the process simple for you. If we’re not doing this, let us know.

You can put your trust in us with whatever your situation is, so let’s be transparent with each other. We won’t hold back from you, so you don’t need to hold back from us.

If we ask for additional documents, it would be great if you could get on to it quickly, so we can have your application submitted and approved as quickly as possible.

For providing you a professional and personalised service where we manage your loan application through to settlement, We ask that you leave us a fantastic Google (or Facebook) review so other people can learn about the quality of service we provide.

Our Process

Step 1 - Fact Find

We first will engage with you to collect all the necessary information that is required to help you.

Step 2. Financial Analysis

After receiving your information and supporting documents, we get to work on analysis and calculating serviceability and lender policy fit against 35+ lenders.

Step 3. Product Matching

We narrow down the best lenders and then hunt down the best products, rates that suit your financial situation and future plans.

Our Team

George Popadalis

Principal Broker

Christopher Kang

Finance Broker

We try and keep process as simple as possible, however the minimum requirements are:

  • Two Forms of ID
  • 2 Recent Pay slips
  • Bank Statements

We can have you pre approved in as little as 24 hours, however this depends on the lender choice and if all the documents have been provided from the beginning.

We can help you with as little as 5% deposit if you're a first home buyer and as little as 5% plus stamp duty if you're buying your next home. If you're looking at buying an investment property than it would be good to have around 10% saved.

Basically, you are able to borrow with as little as 5% of the purchase price excluding the stamp duty and the lenders mortgage insurance is added to the loan.

They're no specific products that are no LMI loans for goverment employees, but we have a great relationship with some of our lenders and have products available with as little as 10% deposit without Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Hi, I am George, Founder of Fetch Loans.

We look forward to assisting, educating and delivering an easy service that takes the pain out of one of the biggest decisions of your life!

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